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AMI & SMART METERING Why ITALIAN GAS SMART METERING is a case study for IIoT In 2008 the Italian energy regulator for gas, electricity and water markets (AEEGSI) ruled some significant changes in the gas distribution market – a side effect was the introduction of smart gas metering to fulfil the new regulations. The AEEGSI gave a mandate to the Italian Gas Committee (CIG) for the definition of the technical implementation of the gas smart metering initiative. The result of the CIG effort is the UNI TS 11291 technical standard, a large body of specifications (more than 1,500 pages!), defining everything related to gas smart metering: from the overall system architecture, to the manufacturing details of gas smart meters, to communication protocols used by the smart meters to communicate with their management system. By Massimo Cesaro, Chief Technology Officer, MeterLinq 34 The UNI TS 11291 technical standard also defines every aspect of the gas smart metering lifecycle, like installation and maintenance of the smart meters, data management and data security methods and procedures. METERING INTERNATIONAL ISSUE – 5 | 2015