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COMMERCIAL FEATURE IZAR PLUS All-in-One Solution 100 % performance and efficiency The IZAR PLUS all-in-one solution from Diehl Metering is an innovative concept for automatic meter reading. The solution provider offers all-in-one systems, meter reading, software, support and services for energy utilities. IZAR PLUS ensures “100 % performance and efficiency” as part of this full-service concept. The latest generation of IZAR radio technology from Diehl Metering is the heart of the IZAR PLUS all-in-one solution. In pilot projects in Denmark and Berlin, 100 % of the meters connected were read reliably over the radio-based system infrastructure – fully automatically and at any desired time. Energy data on subscription Another new feature of this solution is the role played by the solution provider, because Diehl Metering can now also take over responsibility for installation, maintenance, monitoring, operating support, energy data management and IT – if required. This complete package is intended to offer energy utilities a smooth – and economic – entry to Smart Metering. Energy utilities receive energy data transmitted and processed to their individual requirements – virtually on subscription, because IZAR PLUS also stands for a new financing principle. For a fixed charge per year, Diehl Metering keeps the infrastructure and software updated. The principle of “leasing instead of buying” gives energy utilities planning security and avoids the risk of 72 unscheduled costs, for example if software is subsequently withdrawn from the market. By setting up a comprehensive Diehl Metering Service Portal, the solution provider is reacting to the request of many customers for demand-based and flexible use of IT services that can be utilized in future “like a service”. By paying only a fee based on use, customers gain financial planning security, because they save part of the purchase and operating costs and can redistribute from investment costs to operating costs. This makes Smart Metering financially feasible and profitable. Complete package plus services With its IZAR PLUS solution, Diehl Metering would like to give energy utilities the possibility of controlling their internal data flows considerably more efficiently and using this technological basis to offer their end consumers more services – such as billing. The basic principle is fully transparent consumption: using IZAR PLUS, every single meter in the network can be read conveniently from the PC at any time and as often as desired. Water, thermal energy, gas and electricity are read over the same infrastructure. To exploit the opportunities and possibilities of energy data management in an optimum way, energy utilities can choose from a broad range of service modules. If required, the consumption METERING INTERNATIONAL ISSUE - 4 | 2013