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COMMERCIAL FEATURE Powering communications with TLI batteries – powering communication with smart electricity meters Smart meter applications require some kind of power engine that enables the meter to communicate with the utility and – ultimately – the consumer. Tadiran’s new TLI battery is an ideal solution. Some smart electricity meters have a power supply problem, as they cannot take the energy needed for communication, via the GSM network, from the meter circuit. This means that a separate battery is required. Given the circumstances of the smart metering business, not just any rechargeable battery is suitable for this application. By contrast, the TLI series of batteries utilises technology found in Tadiran’s patented hybrid layer capacitor (HLC), which stores the high current pulses required for two-way wireless communications. Tadiran’s technology has been field-proven in millions of cells to deliver 25+ years service life. TLI series batteries modify this technology to deliver Tadiran has just introduced the TLI Series of batteries, a new family of rechargeable lithium- ion cells designed specifically for use in harsh environments. This battery series is ideally suited for the application as it has excellent long-life characteristics and operates in a wide temperature range. Standard rechargeable lithium-ion cells have inherent drawbacks, including short operating life (maximum 5 years), low maximum cycle life (1000 cycles), high annual self- discharge (up to 60% per year) and a limited temperature range (0°C to 60°C) with no possibility of charging at low and high temperatures. Designed specifically for use in harsh environments as it has excellent long-life characteristics and operates in a wide temperature range. METERING INTERNATIONAL ISSUE - 2 | 2014 reliable, long-term performance under extreme environmental conditions. Their features include: • wider operating temperature (- 40°C to 85°C, with short term storage up to 90°C) • ability to deliver high current pulses (up to 5 A) • low self-discharge rate (less than 5% per year) • up to 5 times more life cycles (5,000 full cycles) • longer operating life (>10 years) • charging possible at extreme temperatures • glass-to-metal seal TLI Series cells can be recharged using DC power such as can be provided by an electricity meter. They can also be used in conjunction with photovoltaic solar systems or other energy harvesting devices to deliver reliable long-term power. They are available in several standard configurations: 1550 (AA-size), 1530, and 1520, as well as custom battery packs. MI ABOUT THE AUTHOR Thomas Dittrich studied physics and physical chemistry at the Bonn University in Germany. He joined Sonnenschein in 1980. As manager of Quality Assurance, he led Sonnenschein Lithium GmbH to ISO 9001 certification in 1993. Since 2002, he has been Manager of Applications Engineering. In 2006, Sonnenschein Lithium changed its name to Tadiran Batteries. ABOUT THE COMPANY Tadiran Batteries is a leader in the development of lithium batteries for industrial use. Its technology is well established for more than 30 years. Tadiran Batteries are suitable where utility meters require a single long term stand-alone power source, even if it has to supply high pulse currents for a GSM module. 71