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NUCLEAR STANDARDS SAFETY CULTURE LEADS COMPLIANCE IN THE NUCLEAR SUPPLY CHAIN Do you have what it takes to compete in the nuclear supply chain industry that is driven by competitive pressures and government policies that encourage localisation? A ll companies bidding for contracts in the nuclear sector must demonstrate that they meet the exceptional quality demanded by nuclear safety regulators. On a positive note, companies already supplying to industries with demanding quality assurance requirements, such as the aerospace, automotive and rail sectors, could be in a good position to bid for nuclear work. IMPROVING INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY CHAIN STANDARDS Some nuclear technology vendors are supporting an initiative to develop an international standard aimed at the supply chain that would complement the widely used ISO 9001 quality management standard. The model is similar to that of the aerospace industry, which over the last 15 years has come to adopt standard 32 specifies the quality AS9100 (EN9100). It uses programme needed by the ISO 9001 as a basis, designer and supplier of a adding or amending certain nuclear reactor which can provisions, many of which are be applied further down the also required by the nuclear supply chain.’ sector. In 2011 the Nuclear ‘Nevertheless, NSQ-100 Quality Standard Association should make it simpler for published a similar type of a manufacturer or system standard, the NSQ-100. It is integrator to adapt their intended that this standard existing quality management become the basis for a Greg Kaser, senior project manager, World Nuclear system, if it is certified to recognised international Association. ISO 9001, to meet the standard by the International requirements in the nuclear industry. This Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). in turn will assist in the localisation of Greg Kaser, senior project manager the manufacture supply chain within the at the World Nuclear Association, nuclear industry,’ says Kaser. elaborates. ‘It is important to note that NSQ-100 is aimed at suppliers to the COMPLIANCE IS A LENGTHY AND industry and is not intended to replace EXPENSIVE PROCESS the commonly specified NQA-1 standard Achieving certification as an approved for quality management issued by supplier involves an evaluation of a the American Society of Mechanical supplier’s quality management system Engineers (ASME). The ASME standard ESI AFRICA ISSUE 4 2014